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About Our Resourcing Center

Infocision Global has been in the IT/BPO industry since 2017 providing services for smart and smooth progress of companies around the world. Our years of experience have won the hearts of many clients successful, cost-effective and innovative outsourcing solutions. Infocision Global is an outsourcing economy with demanded talent workforce. At Infocision Global we believe that simplified outsourcing processes are adding significant value to our partnering business value. With years of expertise knowledge and experience we are capable of handling from the simplest process to high technical complex outsourcing projects. For Infocision Global no customer is small, we believe every business has it’s own value and we are standing still to cater the best quality demand service in the market. We are also a diverse company with capability of handling outsourcing projects in vast domains. Our management team is consist of professional with years of experience on the job handling complicated and time sensitive resourcing structures.

We always build a long lasting relationship with our client by understanding their specific needs. We also value the integrity and we take full responsibility and ownership on the services we provide to our clients. On top of all we always keep everything transparent with our customers. 

We have a customer centric culture to make sure we deliver nothing but the best to our customers. 

Our Team

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We relieve businesses of the need to employ, train and supervise their own employees to carry out essential accounting and compliance needs. We maintain a competitive edge by selecting and employing only the most highly qualified and experienced professionals to service our clients’ financial, accounting, IT and business requirements.

Our Workforce

  • We currently employ more than 500 staff.
  • We pride ourselves in having the most talented and skillful employees.

Training and Engagement

We invest in continuous staff training. Since we believe staff is our most valuable asset.

  • All new employees an induction training to understand the working culture.
  • We provide training for the staff  depending on specific work requirement.
  • Employees stay in the loop with global updates via our intranet portal knowledgebase.
  • We provide financial support to our staff to pursuit their higher education.
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